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    Question Any simple ideas for VERY small e-commerce

    I have a client with a dilemma. He only sells 2 items. He has used simple PayPal cart for some time and that part is fine by him (PayPal) BUT:
    Here is what he needs, I told him it wasn't support but I'd try to help, but I can't find anything that will do this that isn't either (a) too expensive - he doesn't make a great deal on this so the $50-$100 mo. options won't do; or (b) way too much capability for what he needs taking too much programming to configure (like OS Commerce or such)

    He needs to be able to have a customer enter a code like a coupon or whatever and it create a related discount on the purchase price. He needs to be able to do this for both products and have maybe 5-8 different "codes" for each one.
    He needs it to reflect the change in the price for the customer and then record it to let him know somehow which code they used.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    He is in a hurry as a couple of people have agreed to put his products in their print catalogs but he needs an incentive (like a lower price) for their shoppers and also needs to be able to track which catalog to pay the "commission" to.

    It's a unique situation but the people don't want to have to stock & ship his products but realize they might benefit some of their customers and, of course, he'd like to get the extra exposure.
    PayPal will take codes, but not change the price... carts like OS Commerce will do it but are overwhelming for somebody with only 2 items taking only PayPal
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    Have a loot at - it's a basic checkout script with coupon facility

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