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    What should I look for in a host to serve video?

    I'm putting up a high bandwidth art site that will be full of video and other forms of high bandwidth flash. I need a server with a lot of punch. Any of you guys have any suggestions? Or what should I look for in a provider that will be best for streaming video?

    Thanks for the advice!

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    You should be looking for 2 things then.

    1. Non-oversold host with quality bandwidth and very high speeds (ask for a test file).
    2. Quick servers that can easily process the file as needed.

    You will probably end up paying more for this, but it will be worth the money. Let me know if you have any other questions...or need more detail on the above.


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    Depending of what kind of contents do you need to server,if there are static pages and files, then, a shared hosted should be enough, however, if your site is php/mysql based and you have a high traffic, you should look for a dedicated server.
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    Any server with decent bandwidth and an ability to handle a bunch of sustained connections. Ask for a test file to test download speeds. I don't know how flash handles downloading video, but for straight mpeg streams, the file will use up an apache socket until the client finishes which could be problematic if the host isn't set up to handle many connections at once (end up getting too-many-connections errors)
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