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    Talking Looking for a Database Script

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a description of what I'm looking for-

    I have multiple organizations with a lot of different information such as address, phone #, mission, description, etc.

    So I need a script that will allow me to have a user that can add organizations into the database, filling out all of the fields.

    And then the last step is that it can have a searching option where the viewer can specify search criteria and then it will output the available related results.

    Thank you!

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    This would help get you on your way.
    Bill - Support Analyst - Liveblock Auctions International

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    What price range are you looking to spend for this?


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    Please Pm me how can I contact you?

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    You hinted at project management when you said something about mission and description.

    This might be a little bit of overkill... but check out

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    This shouldn't be a difficult project. In your situation, I would suggest to develop a desktop client to connect with the database. Therefore you can input and query data through the desktop client.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GPNetwork
    What price range are you looking to spend for this?

    I am interested as well.

    Also, do you have a preference between PHP or Ruby(onRails)?

    I look forward to your reply.

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