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    Neeed recommendation - good monitor (maker) ?

    I have a 20" SamSung LCD monitor.
    It has such a narrow angle of view that I cannot use that monitor to decide brightness of images. Depends on how I sit, the image looks too dark or too bright. (monitor is still good for programming).

    So, I'm looking for under $200.00 LCD monitor just to compensate my handicap.

    If you know ANY $200.00 or under monitor with good picture quality, please let me know. Or please let me know if you know any good makers. I want to use it to decide correct exposures of my images so I can send print orders to my lab. Small monitors are OK.

    Thank you very much.

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    I love Dell Monitors, look great, perform well, and fairly well priced.

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    My desire is called EIZO, but for $200 you'll maybe be able to buy an EIZO monitor-stand only.
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    I looked them up, because I've never heard of them. What's so good about it?

    They just look like bricks.

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    EIZO monitors look like dell monitiors expect a diffrent color

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    I believe in the range you are looking there exist no "makers".

    I do think Eizo (Nanao in Japan), Iiyama, Sharp, Samsung and Viewsonic do some good stuff. Keep in mind that this list is not complete. But I doubt there is a chance that their products fall into your price range.

    Perhaps you can look for Monitors from Acer, Benq or LG ? Their products are usually not that bad too and more close to the pricerange you have in mind.
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