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    * Exclusive Flash Banners - only $30 each!


    We are offering a set of exclusive pre-made Flash banners. Price is $30 for each banner or $99 if you buy all four banners. Payment through PayPal.

    If you are interested PM for more info.

    Note: No source files are included, just the .SWF movie.

    Thank you.
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    these are nice but don't fit what I need at the moment.

    Along the lines of the helicopter, if you can come up with a motorcycle (chopper, harley type, etc) rolling down a road with 4 lines of pop up text for this same price I'll take it. If my customer likes it we'll likely get at least 2 more animated banners with the same theme and text.

    Do you do logo work?

    Also looking for a non-flash animated banner (static image just rotating text) in the $15 price range.

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    Sorry, I don't do logo work, but here is a banner that may fit your needs, same price than the others.

    Let me know if you are interested.
    codebirth - we give life to your projects

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