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    Lightbulb Give us your two cents!

    NearlyFreeSpeech.NET ( offers flat-rate high-quality virtual hosting for $1/gb, prorated to the lowest penny with no minimums and no limits.

    Yes, we allow all legal types of content including adult and download-intensive sites.

    Yes, you can have as many sites as you want on a single account.

    Yes, we support PHP, CGI, MySQL, ssh, and more.

    Yes, we have fast, friendly email tech support.

    Our service is paid in advance, so you never have to worry about going over your "package" and finding a nasty surprise on your bill.

    Get started today for as little as $5. Who knows? At our prices, that might last you a lifetime.

    This is an unlimited time offer. Take your time and make the right choice for you. We hope it's us.

    Please feel free to post questions and feedback about the service here or email us at [email protected]. Since we spend all the money on developing new features and equipment, we need all the free marketing help we can get!


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    Sounds good

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