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    looking for reputable cPanel VPS in Netherland

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a new cPanel VPS provider, and if possible in tbe Netherlands, or in Europe. We are from South Africa (not a high risk country), and I have heard from many people the latency from the Netherlands is better than those in the USA.

    Our needs are simple, really:

    20GB Data
    200 - 300 GB traffic
    RVSite Builder (if possible)
    10 - 12 IP addressess
    24/7 Support with minimum 1 hour turnaround. Support desk & email support preferred
    99.9% uptime
    Clientexec / modernbill

    any specials would be appreciated

    We pay by Master Card

    Any recommendations?
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    You could look at

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    Look at and

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    Depending on budget I can point you in some directions:-

    Also take a look at, I kniw its uk based but the uk should still be bettter than US.
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    598 seems very good, and might be the option to go for.
    I couldn't see that offers VPS.....
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    I think the test of any company is how they handle things when it goes wrong.

    EuroVPS tech support is excellent. I know I have whinged about the billing side on another thread but that issue is now resolved

    Their servers are fast and stable with excellent ping times from the US, UK and Australia. Sorry I don't know about SA


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