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    Ensim best or bad?

    Does any one using Ensim Pro X for web hosting software?

    Does it good or bad?

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    I have been using ProX for a few months, upgraded from Ensim 4. It has been operating quite smoothly. I have mulitple licenses, and after migrations, now only have 1 cPanel box remaining. I have been very pleased with Ensim software in the past, and the latest version has not changed my opinion of the software.
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    Ensim is ok, depending on what you wish to use there all about the same only some minor differences. As long as you and your users can use the software hosting package easily and it provides all their requirments there is no real good or bad comercial package.

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    well there is good and bad in terms of security and ability to migrate or recover. In terms of Security it's a better product, in terms of ability to migrate is definetly a bad product

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    Well ensim ....I will prefer to do manual work than using Enism on my server

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    Running Ensim on Windows server, I will never recommend it to anyone.

    Ensim have lots of catching up to do in terms of features and stability. I am not been able to run it smoothly on Windows especially... anyways this is personal opinion, anyone may disagree.

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