Due to recently buying a car I'm in need of a bit of extra cash so I'm selling uploadwiz.com currently registered at domainsite until 24-jun-2007.

The site uses a unique script with an admin backed, there is still a bit of work that could be done with the admin side of things but overall you can remove files view files and cleanup files that have not been downloaded in 30 days etc..

The script is 100% unique coded by me, you will receive full resell rights if you so chose to resell the script. I will not use the site/script so its completely unique to UploadWIZ.

File Usage Stats:
Total Files: 2570
Space: 3.37GB
Average Bandwidth: 10 - 30GB Daily (Can Go Beyond 30 Some Days).

The system is designed to upload on one server then transfer the files across using FTP to another server, which at the moment is a shared hosting account with 30GB of space and 1500GB of bandwidth costing me $12.50 a month. I can offer hosting for the actual site which processes the uploads as this means you have an upload limit of 500MB for around $7.50 which means total cost of running at the moment is $20 monthly.

Server Resources:
The hosting provider I currently store the files on does not allow over 5% CPU for more than one second at a time, but as files are just being transfered via FTP and files are being downloaded the actual load the script uses is quite low, so there is no need to worry about being kicked off for over usage. I currently host the main site myself which also uses very little server resources only reason from separating the two was to allow larger files to be uploaded as It's my own server so I can control the php.ini in the future buying a dedicated server of your own would be a must.

Please note some stats are missing as we did some moving around last month.

September AdSense:

October AdSence:

Monthly Stats (From June - To Oct 19):

Some Daily Stats:

Daily October Stats:

As you can see by the stats hits as well as revenue are more than doubling every month! this site has lots of potential if left to grow.

Please feel free to tryout the site, there's allot of extra features I have forgotten to mention such as multiple uploads, image resizing and full view, video snapshots previews using ffmpeg, javascript popup ad where you can place an ad other than AdSence, it has a large CTR its just a case of selling it to someone who wants upload related hits.


I'm looking for offers at the moment, I have $500+ in mind, but please PM or post your offers here. Questions are welcome!

The site also has a PR of 4.