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    Need Logo Created

    I need a logo created, just whatever you can do with the word 'iGlass'.
    Logo: NO TEXT, just 1 item in it -- however you define eyeglass.
    Please use this drawing style:

    Please post previews here so I can decide which one I want.


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    Can you give any more info on what you want?

    anyways, heres a quick design i made

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    Same size as image I posted, no words,no background, alpha, in that drawing style, transparency.


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    you want smaller?

    and how much is payment?

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    i will post the final one. I made a new one with specifications as u want. How much will you pay though?

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    I don't know. As long as it's good, lets say $8 - its not that big and if you can find it on a stock photo site or Microsoft Office, more power to you

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    ok. about to post in a few. I added you to msn. get on and talk

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    Sorry not needed anymore.
    M2sterk1lla, did not see contact info notification for you on MSN.
    Oh well.

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    Nov 2004
    I need one as well. M2sterK1lla or anyone that's available, give me a shout. Thx!
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