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    Move site email question

    I am going to move a site with about 12 email accounts. I am considering the best way to do this to minimize the impact on my client and also the easiest way for me as well.

    I am considering doing it late at night, to minimize emails messages ending up at the old server I was wondering if this method would work.

    Copy all the email accounts to the new server.

    Delete the email accounts

    Flip the DNS to the new server

    This way any emails sent while DNS propagation is still happening will be held and then delivered when propagation is complete, resulting in no emails left on the old server. I realize the flaw in this plan is the amount of time it takes for propagation, it seems to happen pretty quick these days so think it could work quite well.

    I would like to here others thoughts on this or perhaps a better way to handle it.



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    You can also do the following copy the account over, change the DNS.

    As DNS is propogating you have no way to access your email so just use the IP base instead of "hostname"

    Example http://ip/webmail or something to that.

    In your pop3 the same. I am sure there are other ways to do it but thats one method.
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    I know the usual way of moving the sites with e-mails from one server to the other is that: both servers are working (the old one and the new one), you copy all data you need and transfer it to the new one doing necessary setups on the new server before it. This procedure doesn't take much time as far as I know.

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