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    blocked ip


    i have a dynamic range of ip, and all of these were already in used just to check to access one of our site but unfortunately it won't gave us access anymore. but to any other domain we can browse.
    first thing happened is that we only changed the ip from our localhost then access will be available again until such time that it won't work anymore to any of our ip. does it has to do with the firewall from the server host?
    is someone encounter the same, pls. give me some idea.

    thank you.

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    Thread moved from Technical and Security Tutorials forum. Please post in the right forum as your thread is not a tutorial at all. Thanks.

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    Do you have apf installed?

    If you do try and shutoff apf for a minute and see if the problem is resolved

    service apf stop

    If it fixes the issue, flush the APF firewall

    apf -f

    Good luck,


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    To resolve you issue completely you have to add all the IP in the apf allow_hosts.rules file so that your IP won't be blocked by apf again

    Thank you.

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    May be you have got BFD installed on your server with improper configuration which would be blocking the IPs incorrectly.
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