8 to Infinity Pte Ltd is a privately held Singapore company established in 2 Nov 97 and incorporated on the 1st Mar 2000 registration number 200001687Z. 8 to Infinity provides Premier internet web hosting, colocation, dedicated servers and managed services utilizing cutting edge technologies. Besides being one of the longest web hosting company, 8 to Infinity is also a major provider in Total IT Management, clustering, MMOG gaming servers and media streaming services. In addition, we also IT consultation services such as forensic computing and investigations.

Our mission statement

To provide state of the art Internet technology to every individual and company at the lowest possible price with the highest possible quality.

Our Facilities

8 to Infinity utilizes state of the art data centers in Singapore, Hong Kong and USA directly connecting the Singapore One Backbone and to the major Internet connections around the world to provide redundancies and best performances to our clients all over the world. Facilities include Uninterrupted Power Supply, Backup Generators, FM200 Suppression Systems.

It was a great 10 year that saw transformation from a One Man Show with a modem and a Pentium 100 computer to a full fledged web hosting company with 300 servers and serving tens and thousands of clients. We look forward to another 10 years with great anticipation!