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    Hi. I'm searching for an host for my end of course project. It will be a game coded in ASP.NET and will preferentially have a SQL Server 2005 database.

    The thing is, I don't need an huge webspace (10-20MB will do just fine) like most of the paid hosting services are providing as I'll host my images somewhere else, but I'll need a relatively large monthly bandwidth for a starting website as I intent to make it grow, even after the project is presented. So more than 20GB monthly data transfer is needed.

    Also, as I'll be financing it from my pocket, I want it to be affordable until it, eventually, provide enough money thru adverts to support itself.

    I've been searching for such a host for days now, but I constantly get disproportional hosting offers and oftenly not so cheap. For example, I don't feel like I should be paying more for 500MB of webspace when I'll only use like 20MB tops. The best host I've found is this one, www .hb9 .net, which is very cheap indeed, but lacks the sufficient bandwidth I'll require.

    Can please someone point me to one host you already have knowledge of or grant me some advice?

    Thanks in advance.
    Alexandre Viseu

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    I think you'll find most times that hard disc space is what it is. You won't get discounts for using less. The hard cost for a host, although of course disc space is a consideration, the biggest factors are CPU and RAM usage. So try to keep that in mind when searching.

    .asp hosting and SQL can be a little more expensive because of licensing. But as long as you're not opposed to SQL Server Express 2005 there are plenty of them around. Plesk makes a control panel that works and has sql set up by default.

    Not much help, but it might be something to keep in mind.
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    Hello Alexandre,

    In regards to your search, you shouldn't be looking for the cheapest host if you want speed, reliability, and good support....ASP.NET, MS SQL 2005 all costs money and Windows hosting is typically more expensive than Linux hosting, but its considerably better (from my perspective). Also remember that many hosts don't actually expect you to use the space and bandwidth sold, especially the cheap ones, this is where the term overselling comes in. Nowadays you won't find a host with much under 500mb or 1gb of disk and 50gb of bandwidth as the cheapest plan...because everyone wants "more". I believe that you should find a hosting service you like, and ignore the fact that they're giving you more than you need.....its always nice to have a pillow.

    Thanks for reading the may be quite long,

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