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    ::: Logo Contest ::: (3) Three Winners / Payouts - Look!!


    WANTED ::: Logo Design

    Looking for creative logos!

    Requirements for this contest:
    1) need 50 submissions (examples/samples)

    Payment Schedule:
    1) payment of $100 USD to the winner!
    2) payment of $25 USD to the second place
    3) payment of $25 USD to the third place

    this way there should be some encouragement for many submissions ... as the top 3 submissions will have payouts ... again for the payouts to guarantee, there has to be at least 50 submissions ... and people can submit more than 1 design - matter of fact, i encourage it ... i want many to choose from, and probably will purchase many ...

    now for a little bit of what we are looking for/desires:

    1) the domain/business is called: Web Detail , aka (site is not developed yet)
    2) looking for maybe a couple things

    a) a "WD" logo , (maybe an encircled logo)
    b) the whole name "WebDetail" logo

    3) color scheme: orange/burnt orange - as primary color
    4) the plan is to use this on website as well as print (so keep this in mind as far as format, etc)

    all this being said, i really dont want to curb anyone's creative abilities, so feel free to throw things at us, that's what this is all about - give us things to look at!

    Please feel free to post or PM or email ([email protected]) with any questions/comments/suggestions ... feel free to post any submissions - keep them coming!! will run this for approx 1 week - i would imagine that this would give enough people to get to the thread and do the work to reach the 50+ submissions ...

    Thanks to all in advance!

    [email protected]
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    I may enter this!

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    I don't get this.

    You posted a request a week ago for a logo for the same website, with less details. I sent you a PM requesting more details ie colors, size etc so i could do you some prototypes and you ignored my message.

    Your budget was only $50.

    Now, your offering $150. When i put in a few hours work on entries will you even reply this time?

    I hope this isn't one of those, "Submit your creative ideas, to give our brain dead designer something good to replicate and we just say, there wasn't 50 entries so no prize money" competitions.

    It all seems rather odd to me, especially considering your website is advertising web design services. With the now $150 payment why wouldn't you contact a reputable designer in the $50-$75 range?
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    1boss1, you are exactly right, i did indeed put out a request - and did not get ANY samples ... so i put out a "contest" hoping to get something to choose from ... and in doing so, i've upped the payout(s), to entice more entries, etc ... not sure how this is a bad thing ...

    if you dont want to submit anything that's fine, but i'm more than happy to pay for the work, i just want something to choose from ... i am indeed looking for ideas, that's why i created this "contest" , hoping to get choices ...

    if you are still confused, please call or email me and i'll gladly discuss it with you..

    [email protected]
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    I sent you a PM with a sample, did you see it?

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