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    Good music is sometimes still free..and legal! :)

    I don't think many people on this board share a love for all kinds of music that I have..for many years. It depends on what I'm doing...if I want to relax...or whatever. many of you have gone to the dark side..with the illegal music each his/her own. I more than happily pay napster their monthly fee to rent the almost 3,000 songs of theirs I have..and even more that I own.

    I think amazon has been almost completely forgotten about as a source for free, legal music. I went back there..and did at least find a few gems:

    Tom Adams-Bluegrass Breakdown
    Tony Trichka-Dust on the needle/Paddy Kelly
    Aldo-The Dance

    Aldo has two others-just not as good as "The Dance"

    Adam Chikushin Tucker-Fountain de Plazza

    The easiest ways to download these..go to Amazon>Music>Free downloads and search under the title "The Dance".

    I was really enjoying this...and decided to share the enjoyment!

    I know nothing of "current music"..I spend most of my time in the 40's and 50's..sometimes more current--Like Allison Krauss and Union Station..or maybe Fourplay..or perhaps Disney Movie Music! Woot!

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    What? Excuse me, this concept is completely foreign to me. Must. Resist. Urge.

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    I wouldn't bother, iTunes Store is the best. So easy.

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    I'll stick with Limewire and torrents thanks
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