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    Secure Server not doing what it should! Please advise..

    my friend is managing a site and her web developers have well and truly messed up,
    http: // www
    is the site
    which works fine.
    if you go to https: //, it goes to a completely different site! (designed by a different company too!)
    https: // www

    how on earth would that happen?

    what have they done?

    Also, can anyone see from whois records or otherwise who their Web host is? All I could find was: which lead me to, which i can't access.

    ANY help greatly appreciated, the Web host have messed up, but it's my friend who will get the wrap for this so any advice would be good!

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    For SSL, you'll need a dedicated IP address for this domain. It sounds like either:

    1) You never got a dedicated IP address for this domain for the SSL to work properly
    2) You got the IP address, but DNS is still pointing to the 'shared' address
    3) You got the IP address and the server's DNS is set correctly, but you've got it cached (try ipconfig /flushdns and close your browsers)

    Having SSL on a domain requires a dedicated IP address because the SSL cert establishes encryption before accepting any http commands.

    It seems that owns the block of addresses that this domain is on.
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    It is going to, which is the owner of that SSL certification. So it is redirecting from your website and loading (Have a look at the SSL cert details and you will see who it is registered to). I doubt that this is a global certification so you are going to need one for your independent domain name.


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