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Thread: Server Upgrade

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    Server Upgrade


    how do u manage you server upgrade when u have a large number of hosting server? i dont think that big company with 100 (hosting) server upgrade it one to one by ssh, what tool can we use?

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    RedHat servers connect to the RedHat Network and can upgrade themselves if you allow them to. FreeBSD can be easily set up to cvsup the ports tree and run portupgrade from cron. It would all depend on what flavor of *nix you're running and whether or not you want them to automatically download/compile/install upgrades. Windows obviously can download and install critical updates automatically and reboot the server if necessary.
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    i think hes looking for something more centrally managed, such as, push out this update to the following servers and see a status report.

    im also looking for something similar

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    you can always setup your own Repository and point all of your servers at it..

    Tell all your servers to download any package on that internal repository and only post packages that you are ready to roll out to all of your servers..

    This can save you on bandwidth as well and giving your greater control of upgrades.

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