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    cannot think of a name

    arrgh its really annoying me, i need to find a good name for a new hoting company i want to run but i cannot think of one, can anyone help me?

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    Go to and use the suggestions tab. Type in 'host' or words you think you want in your name. Or check out the domain name offerings in this forum. People have some good names if you have the money for them. - Empower your site today!
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    why does everyone put host in their name it's super tacky. If you look at the big players they don't have host in their domain name.
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    Like dreamhost and hostgator?

    Though I do agree it's not required. it's also going to be very hard to find one.
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    hotshothosting.or just hothosting or newagehosting.....hows that

    goood luck

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    I've seen some cool hosting name like hostmama or mamahost

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    why dont you call it something that means something to you and why you are starting it up in the first place?!

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    i think hosting companies put "host" in their domain name because search engines then generally rank them higher for it

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    what about xTech Hosting? i thought of it last night or does it sound tacky?

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    i think Google have done so well because people just like saying "Google", Same with Virgin. It's all in the name - Good luck

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    xTech Hosting i quit like but i think it may sound a bit tacky after a while.

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    xTech Hosting sounds SUPER Tacky....

    You aren't going to win any customers at this stage in the game by your super duper name or fronting like you have the "best technology" in the world.

    You've just got to find a niche you are going to cater to, then a name that will target that niche in some sort of fun and trusting way...most of all just have fun with doing so you'll stand out.

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    coming up with a name can be so hard sometimes, i need the name to sound trusting , simple to remember and professional its so hard lol any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeR2k6
    i think hosting companies put "host" in their domain name because search engines then generally rank them higher for it
    Exactly the reasoning for my hosting/domain name!

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