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    Lightbulb NYOP for a PRIME ad spot!!


    Name Your Own Price!

    JustPressPlay has recently incoroporated a downloader for its files page.

    Our files page:

    On the page you can see the top 10 downloaded files, the number of files available, as well as the total number of downloads the files area has had. Obviously there is an error with the TB display showing in a negative.

    Our files are updated daily, with the latest demos, patches, movies and cheats.

    Once the users wishes to download a file, they click on a small agreement link and the downloader is automatically opened. The downloader stays open for approximately 5 seconds, showing your ad before the download automatically begins. If the user closes the downloader, the download itself will not begin.

    To see an example of the downloader in action, click on this link and agree to the download:

    The ad area which we are offering is 300x250. We would like to keep the amount of ads limited to to no more than 10 in rotation. The ads area will be ran through PHPAdNews, so you will have access to change the ad as you like, as well as check on the performance of your ads themselves. The term of the display will be 30 days from the time payment is received and your ad is displayed.

    As I mentioned in the title, this is name your own price. No reasonable offer will be refused. We're not trying to send anyone's kids to college, only provide a worthwhile ad spot for you and help pay some of our bills.

    There is also the Sponsored by: link currently available as well. If you're interested in this text link, please contact me at my email below.

    If interested, my email is below. I'd be more than happy to answer any and all questions that I can.

    Jason Craig
    [email protected]

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    Now, minimum $5 /mo.

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