This is to take a template (.psd and .jpg can be provided) of a well designed template (extremely clean .PSD with color references and layer naming)to be integrated into the PHP Fox community script. Please, if you are not familiar with PHP Fox do not bother applying. I am label myself as intermediate to modest expert in coding and if I wanted a sloppy job I would do it myself. I am looking for seamless integration. No spaces, etc. I will be very particular about the final project. No off tabs, links discolored, text not viewable, and commands not properly processed.

The coder selected will have to be available for live chatting at some point during the day via AIM. This may lead to a long partnership as I make/create about 3-4 sites weekly. Also, the programmer selected must sign a NDA. This project is going to be heavily promoted and I do not want it to be known of before its inauguration.

Thank you,

Julio M.

PS: I also posted this on - Just incase you have seen this before.

Also, Please link me to previous PHP Fox work you have done.