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    Links form other sites


    have a quick question.

    I have few sites that I have made for my clients and from some site when I go through google to see how many sites links to my, it shows some of them but some of them not.

    All sites that links to my site are indexed in google including my site and submited to search engines on monthly basis?


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    It's natural for Google not to show all the existing links, otherwise your competitives knew the exact number of backlinks to your sites and it would be easier to overcome your number of links. So, there are 3 different figures : the number of links Google knows about, the number of links it shows and the number of links it takes into consideration while determining your PR.

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    ahaaa ... ok that is the deal than. I was wondering, why it shows only 30% of all my links I have on other sites. Huh it is easier now

    Thank you!

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    I understood it that Google only showed links from Domains (not pages) that are PR4 or above, not sure if that is up to date and accurate though as things seem to regularly change with G.
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    sounds interesting, does anybody have more on this... And more important does any1 know a way to get all your backlinks listed????

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    Just give it time to get all the backlinks listed, sometimes google is very strange with how it crawls, I use google sitemaps and have a bunch of my sites and clients sites listed on there, google loves to sometimes download daily the sitemap of a site, but yet only crawl it and update the cache every 1 - 1.5 months. LOL

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