Hello WHTers!

AdminOnRequest.com is now offering Customer related services as well as Technical related services to companies and individuals at insanely low hourly flat fees. We are your 24/7 on-call service team.

We are consisting of young smart well-qualified professionals who have worked in the field of technical support for more than 10 years.

Our technicians offer services in three basic areas:

  1. Virtual hosting/Sites:
    • Site/data/databases migration (including forums and custom applications) as well with assisting in repairing misc bugs.
    • SSL setup, .htaccess, SSI, other related website functions.
  2. Operating Systems/Servers:
    • DNS installation/tuning;
    • Mail server (installation/configuration/spam protection/filtering (qmail experts, custom patches for qmail));
    • DoS protection for websites;
    • Server security audit;
    • Kernel patches/modifications;
    • OS updates/upgrades;
    • Software packages configuration/installation/updates;
    • Libs installation/configuration;
    • Backup (Files/DBs) installation/configuration.
  3. Network:
    Cisco 2950, Cisco 4506, Cisco 5300, Cisco 3550, Cisco PIX Firewall, misc DSL and VoIP quipment; Foundry BigIron8000, BigIron4000, ServerIron400, ServerIronXL, ServerIron100, FastIronXL;
    • Routing configuration;
    • BGP;
    • QoS
    • iBGP
    • Trunking;
    • Load balancing (clustering, fail over, backup);
    • Spanning trees;
    • Network design;
    • Network protocols: TCP/IP, ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN, Ethernet, Wireless networks; Network design using Cisco, Foundry, 3Com, HP equipment;
    • Routing protocols: OSPF, BGP, EGRP, RIP;
    • Data flow management: COS, QOS, DiffServ;
    • VoIP protocols and PBX Software: SIP, H323, RTP, Asterisk, SER, OpenH323;

  • 4 years of Windows 2000 Server administration;
  • 10 years of FreeBSD/Linux/Unix Administration;
  • Mail Servers administration: Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, Exim; IMail, MS Exchange 2000/2003;
  • HTTP Servers administration: Apache 1/2, Zeus; THTTPD;
  • DBMS Systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL; MSSQL 7.0/2000;
  • DNS Servers: BIND, PowerDNS, MSDNS; djbDNS;
  • KVM & IPKVM: Cyclades, Belkin, ACS Power Management;
  • Network Monitoring & Bandwidth accounting: SNMP, RMON, Cacti, JFNMS, NetFlow, sFlow;
  • Network Security: IPSec, VPN, SSH, IDS, OpenBSD pf, FreeBSD ipfw;
  • Programming Languages: Php, Perl, C, C++, sh;
  • Web Hosting automation systems: CPanel, Webmin.
  • We've developed our own in-house rapid installation/deployment tools for different application server and server farms. Once we've learned your server infrastructure we have the ability to deploy new servers within minutes.

Misc Services:

24/7/365 Network & Services monitoring. Examples: Remote RAID monitoring/alerting for FreeBSD/Linux (Adaptec, Mylex, 3Ware, Areca, LSI Logic)., Web Monitoring, Server Monitoring and so forth. We have the ability to monitor a wide slew of components and applications.

We can also provide fast and highly experienced Customer Service team.

We already provide services to some large businesses such as Internet Service Providers, Web Hosting Providers & Adult Providers.

All services we provide to you or your customers are available via: Phone, Live Chat and Ticket System. 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 days a year!


Why choose AdminOnRequest.com? We can gaurantee you will save tremendous time and expenses.

Visit www.adminonrequest.com for more info or just submit a ticket describing your technical issues and we’ll get back to you within minutes.

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