Ok, firstly I've been searching around for nights on this and can't work it out any further so I'm sorry for being a noob or a pain but here is the question.

I need a virtual server or a dedicated server that will let me SEED torrents files to clients. $40-$100/month

I don't want to just hold the .torrent files i want to SEED.

It's important that I have my seeds up constantly VS doing it from home. Hense I want a server with a decent pipe else where.

NONE of my torrent files are illegal.

Not looking for expensive offshore etc etc illegal no thanks.

Which hosting providers will let me seed torrents

I don't know how hosting providers block P2P traffic but i presume it's from the packet headers. You can encrypt torrent traffic but it's CPU intensive and dependant uppon the clients client matching etc.

I'm looking for a provider that permits p2p traffic and the running of a php/mysql scripted tracker backend.