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    WHM AUTOPILOT owned license for sale


    I am selling the owned license for the version 2 WHM Autopilot (the original price $149.50).
    The BIN price is $95 or best offer.
    The reserve price/ starting BID is $65.
    The end date is when BIN reached.
    Transfer fee to be paid by the buyer.
    Payment to be made by paypal.

    The transfer approval from developers is pending and will be posted here.

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    This version 2 can be upgraded to the version 3 for $20 fee. The upgrade fee is to be paid to the developers directly.

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    The transfer of this license has been approved.

    The purchaser and seller will need to contact me directly, after purchase, to handle the transfer of license to a new domain/IP address.

    In communication, please reference the following number:


    That is the approval number for transfer of this license.

    ALL communication after the sale must be done through our helpdesk for proper tracking..

    Contact after the sale must be made since the license number that is being transferred is 'disabled' after the sale and a new one is issued to the new owner. This is to prevent 'mulit-sales' of the same license.

    Please note that this approval is for a Version 2 license reissued. If the buyer prefers to utilize Version 3, an activation fee will be applied that would activate the V3 license and extend support & updates for 6 months of continuous service.

    Thank you.

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    SOLD, Please let me know the PayPal ID that payment should be made to.


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    PM sent. Thank you.

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    Actually the payment has not been received yet, so the license sale is still open.

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    Payment has been sent!

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    Yes, the payment was received. This license is sold. Thank you.

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    Seller, Brandee is looking for a ticket with my information from you. I have emailed Brandee and submitted a ticket.

    Please let me know when you have completed.


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