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    A Question From a New Participant!!

    Hello !!!
    I have a little Question about a little story....
    I'll tell you ... I'm going to develop a Client-Server software which will provide services to some people...
    I want a place to hold my Server and keep it always on, so the clients can connect to it anytime.

    Is that the VPS that could do that for me ?? Or what ???

    any suggestions would be appreciated !
    Thank you for help !!

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    Your question is kind of hard to understand, but, if I interpret it correctly, yes, VPS should be able to fullfil your needs. What OS does your program use?
    Nick Devito
    Atarack Communications, Inc - Xen-based VPS Services

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    Thank you nick for Interest!
    my question is so simple... for example .... you know MSN Messenger ,right ?
    the msn messenger have a server placed somewhere and your msn client connects to it ...
    i'm asking about what does the use to hold their MSN server....
    i think it's clear now !
    Thanks Alot!

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