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    Looking for Online Marketing Guru - Good deal - No Timewasters please..

    Hello All,

    I own 3 sites, rent 3 servers, and basically have them running smooth. I need an internet promoter / marketer / SEO expert who knows the game inside out to help spread the awareness of the sites, ad campaign suggestions etc....

    The sites are already doing well in terms of viewers / popularity etc, but now ads need to be taken on, etc and this is where YOU would come in, adsense, adbrite etc.

    In return you would get 25% of whatever the campaigns / your strategy makes on all 3 sites, so it`s a VERY GOOD deal, but for this, I need a VERY good person.

    The sites are known, with 30,000 - 50,000 hits per day each.

    PM me with what you can offer and I will send further details by return.

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    If you propose price for this job you'll get somebody interested

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    Now let me see,

    A one off fee, or a 6 - 12 month 25% profit share in whatever the sites make? I know which the better deal is.

    Anyhow, I been down the fee route and basically they were useless, by bringing someone in for a sustained period it brings in more commitment, period, I`m not asking for monetary contributions from them or anything, so considering that....

    You do the math...
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    It seems alot of you want a fee based quote system, so NOW, send me your quotes, and please, prices from THIS planet please.

    Thanx alot
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