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    [request] PR4 links or better

    I am looking for some text PR4+ links in the following weeks (probably around November 23rd)

    If you are interested in selling some adspace either reply here or message me with your site name, PR, price, stats and proof of rank.

    I'd prefer sites aimed at the college crowd but others will work.


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    You are welcome to review my website themed on education and career. This is a educational directory with link listings and useful articles.

    Title: Education Directory - learning and educational resources and useful articles
    PR: 4
    Total unique visitors and proof can be found at

    Price will be $15 for direct link on home page and your link will be visible for 1 year period. Link will be visible under the heading of "Featured sites" on the right site bar of the site. Link will be placed above the google ad.
    Link under the "Channels" heading will price $19 for one year placement.
    Payment through Please get back to me at www [at] if you are interested.

    Thank you.
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    The beer site is kinda college related....LOL. They are all atleast pr4
    Google PR5
    Price $15
    Location Footer
    This is a forum with almost 1500 members and has a ton of content. The Googlebot sees these pages and will see your link also. The site has thousands of indexed pages and your link will appear on all of them. This site is also listed in DMOZ and is years old.
    Google PR4
    Price 15$
    Location Footer
    This is a site that has almost all of the linux man pages online. It gets a lot of google hits and is all static html.
    Google PR4
    Price $15
    Location Footer
    This is a site all about saving money on gas. The content on this site is all original by me. A great site with solid content.
    Google PR4
    Price 5$
    Location Footer
    This is a nicely designed forum that never took off. I still hope it will, but I am not sure it will.

    You can sign-up here:
    AIM: GopherDesign
    ICQ: 39 401 865

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