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    * Server TakeOver - Nocster P4 3GHZ HT 2GB RAM 600 GB 100Mbit - LOW Price!

    Hello everyone,

    I've recently closed my website which had ~40 000 users so I am in a need to close the server. Server is hosted with Nocster ( and I've had it for about year and half. I haven't had any problems with it and has been up and running since. Server information are as following:

    Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ HyperThreaded
    2GB of RAM
    1 x 120GB + 3 x 160GB hard drives (600GB Total)
    100 Mbit Port (1Gbit network card in the server)
    2000 GB Bandwidth (1000 GB in/1000 GB out)
    No Control Panel
    CentOS 3.3
    5 IP Addresses
    APC Remote Reboot Port (24/7 access to reboot the server at your own need)
    Basic Managed Server
    DDoS Protection *** (Hardware, Protected by TopLayer Networks)

    Monthly price for the server is $147.25. All the upgrades that I've done on the server were one-time fees and it cost me a lot of money to do all that.

    I am asking for $350 to cover up some of my costs. Server is available to be taken over at 11/15/2006.

    Leave a message here or email directly at: [email protected]


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    How much for OS Reload and cPanel/Fantastico??


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    Quote Originally Posted by platinumn23
    How much for OS Reload and cPanel/Fantastico??

    Same question

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    I beleive cpanel is $19.95 and fantastico is $2.95.

    OS reloads are billed at $65 / Hour if i am not wrong.
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    That should be correct.

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    I forgot to mention that APC remote reboot was optional and costs $10 a month. Removing that will make the server price be $137.

    Price drop to $300.

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    Last drop to $200

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