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    What do I need to host a large forum?

    I'm looking for a soulution to hosting a website. The site manily consist of Invision Powerboard forum usage. I only need about 1 gig of file storage. It averages about 70-80 gigs of bandwidth a month and has roughly 150 people online at most times. This is limiting usage such as picture posting as low as possible. I also run a few other resources such as php AdsNew script in the forum.

    Over the last few years this site has been moved from a few shared hosting accounts and few VPS accounts for reasons being said it was a resource hog. I guess my next option would be dedicated. This site is not run for profit but only just maintains itself. By the looks of prices i have seen, dedicated would surly make it dip into the red. Does it sound reasonable from anyones experiance that a site like the one describe NEEDS a dedicated server? Are forums really that much of a resource hog?

    I'm not familiar with dedicated, managed or anything like that and fear I would have to put alot more time and effort learing how to get it all going. If dedicated is my only option who can recomend a seasoned dependable company with the best possible prices? Sure would be nice to have all the ammenities shared hosting offers by just uploading my stuff changing a few things and it's going. Not to mention having to pay pay extra for everything such as C-Panel ect. What are my other options?

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    IF VPS is already not enough for your site, the next step would be a Dedicated Server. Forums eats and needs plenty of resources particularly RAM. I suggest that you just get the best that you can afford, and I also suggest that you get a Managed one. Good Luck!


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    I hear IPB does hog some resources, but it depends on lots of things.

    I know a guy who runs about 5 times that amount of traffic constantly on a VPS from Serverint

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    Invasion is little more heavy on memory usage compared to vbulletin in my experience. I would recommand that you go with a decent provider who can give you semi-managed/managed P-4 server with at least 1GB RAM and sata harddrive.
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    From our experience, VB and IPB are equally resource hogging. But properly configured IPB can reduce it's useage quite significantly. Though if you are going for a multiserver system, then VB is better in my opinion, as you can use the multiserversetups much more efficiently.

    For your requirements, a minimum low end server with properly configured systems could serve quite well. However on a VPS, it would be very hard to accomodate. Post what sort of a budget you have and people can drop you a fewnames of companies that can help you out. Try adding your IM contacts too - no one can contact you if they wanted to help you out. I know a few companies on WHT sometimes do free for sites that they feel are for community based and non profit.
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    As mentioned above, A P4 with a gig or two of ram would be perfect. I also see alot more people switching to Lighttpd for even better performance. And in the future, if you grow you could as well get a second P4 for a standalone database server.

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    I concur with the them, dedicated seems to be your next level, you do not require any high end system, a P4 2.8 with 1GB/2GB (important) and above would do the job fairly nice.

    Check the offers forums, there are companies provide management service as well. I guess you need to find ways to get some $ in to cover your server cost, google text ad would be a good place to start with.

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    so everyone agrees that a VPS cannot handle a forum that averages 150 people at most times, and consumes about 70-80 gigs of bandwidth a month? I don't think this is right, a VPS with 512K of guaranteed memory should work (IF the provider is not overselling the VPS, of course). They are too quick to recommend dedicated here, too many host company owners around.

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    I host several busy messageboards (IPB, vBulletin, etc) and I don't even notice that they're there. You shouldn't need a VPS or dedicated server. There may be some tweaks you can do within the forum configuration to help speed things along -- ie. MySQL persistence, etc. It would also help if your host has a dedicated SQL server rather than running the SQL process on the same machine as the one serving the content. It may just be that your current host doesn't have the resources to host your board while keeping everyone else happy as well.
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    Were tired of getting bounced around. Dedicated on a small box would do it for sure and not worry about it. I think 100 bucks a month would also cover that. That would dip the site into the red zone also. VPS is interesting. What VPS hosting accounts are you most certain could handle it and not cost dang near the same as just going dedicated? I have seen some good prices on relaible dedicated services. I have also seen some VPS that cost more then some of them. Would it be reasonalb to say i could get agood reliable VPS account for 60 bucks a month or less? Would I still have to purchase C-panel if I want it or is control panels alwasy extra?Whats some of the best you heard of for the cheapest prices all said and done. I know many people are up on the best places and prices. Thanks.

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    We host sites which are doing over 2.3 million uniques a day, not sure if that is your requirements but if it is near that a web cluster with a load balancer and a hefty mySQL server will do the trick.
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    Do you have google ad on your forum?

    I mean, with that many users you should be able to make more then enough to cover for a dedicated server cost.

    I guess I just like having my own server.

    I'd recommend cpanel for you and a managed server.

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    From experience of managing several vbulletin clusters, a p4 2.8 a gig of ram would do the trick, if you opt for a control panel, i strongly suggest directadmin because it is very light.
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    I run VB on a dual xeon/3gb runs very nice. I dont really like invision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by molly_2003
    I run VB on a dual xeon/3gb runs very nice. I dont really like invision.
    Would you please tell me your board name?

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    You shouldn't need a VPS or dedicated server
    From a guy plugging his shared hosting

    not sure if that is your requirements but if it is near that a web cluster with a load balancer and a hefty mySQL server will do the trick
    From a guy plugging his costly web cluster/balanced solutions.

    Lol - how can anyone take advice on here seriously?

    The fact is that a properly configured VPS with at least 512KRam _should_ be fine, but it's cutting it close.
    I'd recommend a small dedicated with at leat 1G Ram. If you are not comfortable managing a server, that will be extra cost of course unless (as you are aware), you get a cpanel license, and then it's pretty easy to do it yourself.

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