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    Template Coding Problem

    Template Coding Problem

    First my designer tried to code this template and then I had someone else try, now I have someone else who is working on it currently. We just cant seem to get it right! If we do one thing in IE it will mess up something in firefox and vice versa. Now since I am going crazy here after the 2nd coder to try this I want help from the community so the coder can finish the job in good time. I ask that you guys point any errors or issues out on the template. Also any ideas on how to solve this issue we are having will be appreciated.

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    It would help if you told us what was breaking between the two, I'm looking at them and both and they seem exactly the same.
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    Look at the menu on the left. The errors are quite obvious.

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    Template coding

    It might pay to get your page validating correctly first. It fails with 76 errors.

    I wouldn't look at it until it validates.

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    got a page not found error

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    we fixed it...

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