VehoWave :: Custom Forum/CMS Design and Coding

About Us

VehoWave offers custom forum/cms design and coding for the following softwares: vBulletin, WordPress, IPB, phpBB, PostNuke, PHPNuke, and Drupal. We have a team of talented designers and programmers who are experts working with their respective software. Every member of our team works hard to finish work within the set deadline and with the highest quality.

We work with each client individually to make sure they get the proper treatment for their website. So many designers today recreate the same generic styles for all of their clients, not VehoWave. We design specifically for each niche and make sure to create an online identity for our clients that is uniquely theirs.

We have some of the lowest prices for our calibur of work and amount of experience. Prices are assigned on a per project basis after extensive consultation (which is free of charge) with the client.

If you are looking for a designer for your forum or CMS software, stop by our website: