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    Is there any website were you can...

    i donít know or not sure if there is place for people who end up with less cash in their pocket to open a thread to bash companies/individuals that promise you the world just to get your money. Once they get it; they either disappear or just B.S you for like 6 months with no work dont at all and give you lame excuses until you explode and try to get your money but it is too late to open a complaint with paypal.

    ** As i was on my way to WHT i thought about this, maybe there is none yet but this could be a good idea to start a site about complaints/bashers (lot$ of traffic) against designers/developers/companies/freelances even a popular user of X forum or site who are very shady or very irresponsible.
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    Ok, from what I understood, you're looking for something similar to

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