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    Looking for a new Webhost

    I am looking for a new webhost capable of hosting 2 blogs running Movable Type, neither of which uses very much space or bandwidth, since they are infrequently visited.

    The site was on Fuitadnet for over 3 years, but due to their inability to get the site back up when Perl crashed, it has been moved to a friend's account on Netfirms while I look for something more permanent. One thing I've noticed with Netfirms is that their server is incapable of handling the rebuild scripts of Movable Type, even on the smallest of jobs, without the MT interface timing out.

    If there is anyone who runs Movable Type on a relatively inexpensive hosting plan that's not oversold (the 3 GB of disk space and 25 GB of bandwidth I had under Fuitadnet are plenty), or knows of a good host that offers Perl/CGI/PHP/MySQL, please offer your recommendation.

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    Hi Cyrus,

    Take a look in the Hosting Offers section here at WHT, most shared hosting packages should be more than enough for your needs as two small blogs running Movable Type shouldn't be a big problem. Just be sure to look around and do some research and ask sales questions before signing up.

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    I can also advise to contact sales first and ask them some questions about anything concerning your website needs. It always feels better to sign up with a company where you get a good feeling.

    Good luck!

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    I would recommend going with a company with a solid uptime history and a good data center. There are alot of good webhosting companies on WHT. Another option would be to get a VPS or dedicated server.

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    I throw my voice in for They have a good service and always go the virtual extra mile. (make sure you talk to William or Bill to get the best service)

    I do assume that you want to host within the US, right ?
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