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    Web Host with ASP.NET support suggestions

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for a site that supports ASP.NET and is preferably located on the east coast. The usage for the site will be to present fairly simple HTML pages in the begining, and eventually branch off in the future to include the ability for users to "purchase seminars" in an e-commerce fashion.

    I've been using Dreamhost out on the west coast and it is too slow and does not support ASP.NET

    Any suggestions and experiences with hosts would be greatly appreciated...TIA~!

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    I would recommend using a dedicated server with if you can afford that. Also how is Dreamhost? I have some customers that are switching to Zanadoo that say Dreamhost is unreliable sometimes(although not horrible).

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    you can search the offer area for ASP.NET or windows.

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    Use, make a list of 4-5 and ask about them here.

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    What DC do you prefer?

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    Try to seach the necessary information in Google.

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    I have been with dreamhost for about 5 or 6 months now and the server has gone down once now (that i'm aware of) for about 2 days due to a power outage or something.

    What I like least about them is the speed. They are located in california which has something to do with it. I am in Washington DC. Takes forever to load up a simple page.

    I have tried doing similar searches in google but I trust individual experiences more than different advertisements, so that's why I came here.

    I will check out, I have not found that site.

    So far my first hosting choice is mediacatch. They have had good experiences posted and support ASP.NET. Any experiences there?

    Thanks everyone for your input!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zinet
    I would recommend using a dedicated server with
    Not really sure where you came up with this. As far as ASP.NET goes, make sure you have a host that specifically concentrates on that field, because when you'll need to start modifying specific permissions and settings most techs won't understand what they're doing.

    I wish you much luck with your search. Also remember to read reviews on WHT about each company you choose!

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    Thanks for that, I was a little confused on the dedicated server being important. Maybe when we have more traffic but to begin it will just be basic html pages with probably some ASP.NET code behind. I don't think pages + graphics will be at an absolute maximum 150k to begin with.

    From what I understand Mediacatch has great customer service. Thanks for reminding me I'll need to be doing tweaking through someone else. I am used to having direct server access at my normal job.

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