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    Exclamation enom Self-Service Domain Access

    Hi everybody,
    i'm new in hosting, and a customer bought me a domain name, i have a reseller account with enom and funds in. But how i must register the domain name to be able to give a Self-Service Domain Access with a login and password to my customer??
    Thanks a lot

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    I don't know if I totally understand the question.

    I can be wrong, but I don't think your customer can manage the domain if he bought it through you. The only way to do that is to have him have an account and transfer it over to him.

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    thanks firepenguin,
    first sorry for my bad english, i have read on some hosting this :
    Customer Self-Service Domain Access - Assign a password to any domain in your account for others to manage it.
    as ex-customer i had manage myself my domain in enom but i have register this domain with ultime web tech
    if anyone could help me

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    Enom provides an affliate (ATP) services for the reseller package they offer.

    There you can create a site of our own for domain registration which in turn would connect to Enom. You can give the clients you link for domain registration and tell them to signup from there.

    This can work for you .

    Thank you.


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    No, I think that I know what you mean - you can assign a customer a password to manage their domain through your web site. You need to submit a ticket to Enom for this feature to be enabled.
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    assign a password for a domain name, then have your customer to manage his/her domain through
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    Thanks a lot for your answer. is what i'm looking for

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