I have a popular Alternative, the style of the models are like suicidegirls. I'm selling the web site, all the sets, domain name and everything you need to run this site. The hosting is very cheap and takes almost no money to run. You can use this site to brand your clothing line, music or just want to own a site like this. I will hand over the myspace page with this which has over 8,000 friends. The forums on the web site is also active with over 20,000 posts. If interested please send me a message today. I'm located in the Hollywood area.

Girls submit there own sets so you don't have to shoot all of them.

If interested please call me after 7pm Pacific time.

Starting Bid $1000

At this time the site makes no revenue. I sold a couple of t-shirts on cafepress but they where to costly to sell. I already made the site well known in the alternative world and is respected by alot of people. I just don't have the time to do the site anymore since i have been very busy with my new job and don't own a computer. I will continue to train the new owner and help out for 30 days from the date the site is sold.

Phone 619 384-5285 Please call after 7pm

The web address is chickvenue.com