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    Looking for datacenter in Vietnam

    Hello, looking for a datacenter in Vietnam. Doesnt anyone know of any kind of DC their? I have family their, and am working on a project for a Vietnamese site.

    Looking for a DC IN Vietnam, would settle for one in Laos, China, and mabe Hong Kong.

    Thanks Much
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    There are some DC in Vietnam: VDC, FPT, VNGT, Netnam...
    VDC is the bigest DC, you can call them directly or contact VINAD.COM, they will help you.

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    Try dedicated servers by Gate2VN at :

    Or the easyServer by FPT Telecom ( VN ) for medium and small business at :

    If you have any question, please post it here and I will be happy to help you

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    klcodec, I dont think there is any datacenter in Vietnam. There are some "server places" but I dont consider them as datacenters. It's sad to say, but Vietnam is not ready for datacenter. There are many problems between ISPs here I have seen.

    However, as you know, Vietnam has just joined into WTO. I hope the telecom infrastructure and laws will improve. If you need one right now, I would suggest to take a look at others at Hongkong or Singapore like Equinix, Internap or Singtel

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