Please note that I am in not in a hurry to sell these off. I will just continue to run them in case the Reserve is not met.

What's for sale:

Two proxy sites

1. – PR4
2. - PR4

Revenue Details for October:

Adsense income:




Total Income for October: 83$
(Running Yieldmanager and Paypopup for the first month, full stats for Adsense and Adbrite is available. I will provide any information to buyer)

I have not tried putting Adversal on the framed pages as most proxies do. This could easily add some income to these sites and increase your total income.

Traffic Details (Webalizer Stats, sorry but I noticed that AwStats has not been running on the server all this time):

China is in block list in Firewall of the server.

Hosting costs:
I have my own dedicated server for all my proxies (Athlon64 3800+, 1GB RAM), so there is no cost to me to run these sites as I have many other sites which already pay for the server fees. For a person who does not have a dedicated server, my advice would be to go for a VPS as this will be cheaper.

1 Month of FREE web hosting at my server is included for free, so you could save some money buying these sites.

Selling price:

Minimum offer: $500 for two sites

BIN: 900$ (approx 11 times current months income)


Sedo escrow, (if buyer willing to pay their fees), Western Union, Egold, Webmoney. You can offer other payment method.

Please PM me your questions and post your bids in the thread.