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    Unhappy What Does This Meen!?

    ok. hello everyone. i recently uploaded a whole bunch of files to my ftp server and im really not sure what happened but it looks like something went terrible wrong. when i open up the website. at this url....

    instead of showing the actual website it shows. Error 400! Forbidden You tried to access a document for which you don't have privileges.

    What heppened to my website and how can i fix this problem? Does anyone know? or can anyone help me out PLEASE!


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    Maybe you accidentally uploaded an .htaccess file that closed off your account's root folder. Do you still have FTP access?
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    I still have access to my ftp

    in my logs folder i have an htaccess file and 11 other access files. what should i do about them. should i get rid of the htaccess file. i don't really know what its used for. i didn't put it there.


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    try deleting the haccess file. if it still doesn't work you would need to get in touch with your website hosting company about it.

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    DirectoryIndex Index.html
    in .htaccess file or replace existing DirectoryIndex directive if it is already there.

    That should make this work. If not try renaming your Index.html file to index.html (lowercase). There is mod_speling installed on that server so your links will not get broken.

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    the simplist errors are always the trickiest to figure out. but i got it. i just had to chnage the index file to a lowercase "i" but thank you for all of your help. much appreciated!


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    Unhappy Please Help with some minor website adjustments!

    Alright i have another question for anyone who can help.

    i would like to know how to center everything on the website at all times.

    in otherwords nomatter how someone adjusts their screen or internet explorer window for that matter i want the website always centered.

    i tried selecting everything and then centering it but it only goes so far.

    how would i go about doing this.

    you can see what i meen by visiting

    try opening your favorites window and you will see that the website adjusts to the screen but doesn't stay center.

    Can anyone please help me


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    put a center tag right after your opening body tag and then close it before closing your body tag

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    Unfortunately, absolute positioning was used in massive doses in this site. Not really sure if it can be auto-centered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seagrass
    Unfortunately, absolute positioning was used in massive doses in this site. Not really sure if it can be auto-centered.
    Probably you are correct here. I think that the site needs to be done with relative positioning then wrapping all of the code with a wrapper that is coded with text-align:center;

    Absolute positioning takes the divs out of the flow of the page and makes it difficult to do things like increase text size without wrecking the layout.

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    Your page fails HTML validation with 30 errors, you may need to fix these first.

    Have a look at your page in Firefox and increase the text size a few times and you'll see what happens with absolute positioning.

    I used to use it but realised that I had to go to fluid design for the sites to be seen in all situations without breaking up, etc.

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    By the way, you also need to look at your spelling/grammar!

    You are using "your" instead of "you're" in a couple of places.

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    thanks for all of your help... ilol get on those spelling errors right away.


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