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    too many visits from one ip

    today i discovered that at one of my domains there are too many hits at the index page (150.000) from 1 ip only causing high bandwith usage (almost 2gb in 24 hours) (is this some kind of attack??) , could someone suggest me what to do ? propably banning the ip seems like the right thing to do, but is there a more complete solution for future attacks from other ips ? im gonna install awstats to check if there are more ips, is there any other tool with wich i can analyze apache logs ?

    according banning the ip i found at a topic here ( that there are many solutions, i think the most wise is the one using iptables command. any advice on that subject (best way to ban ip) or any iptables tutorial (excluding man iptables) ?

    thanks in advance.

    ps. the ip is

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    That IP belongs to "" it seems they may be scanning your site for some reason, I do not know why.

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    If you are facing that you are under any kind of ddos attack then try to install and configure apf and bfd if you are using linux web servers.


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    (D)DoS-Deflate will help you:
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    if you want to block their IP via iptables run:

    /sbin/iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP

    moving forward a solution such as the one from medialayer or similar will help you.

    good luck!

    p.s. good iptables how-to:
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