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    SagoNet - How are they?

    I've heard mixed things about SagoNet - I've heard they're great, and I've heard they have routing issues. Can anyone tell me about them?

    I'm looking to purchase a dedicated box from there, or AYKSolutions. Just trying to decide between the two right now.

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    All hosting providors have mixed reviews as client's have different expectations. It would be best for you to try and do some research on the name and base your decision upon that.. Good luck.

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    I'm personally not too fond of their network, so that would steer me away from purchasing a server from them. YMMV.
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    Sagonet is great but recently I got cogent network mixed.. Usually level3 or gblx

    never had problem with hardware

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    They promiss in this forum return my money back for server, that been canceled my customer after 4 days setup and 24 hours downtime of network. It was 12 months ago. I recieve nothing!

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    I rented a few servers there for some game servers...I found the routes to be less desirable, however I never had network problems, and support was good for me. I did move though to a different location with a little better route to main providers.

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    Sagonet is generally not bad but recently they had some issues with network. I think now all is all right.

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    We had several servers at Sago through a reseller for a little over three years. After recent issues with very slow support (from Sago - not the reseller, as they were reboots and a hardware replacement) we moved our servers. Shortly after the move Sago blocked the routes to the new data center, in an apparently intentional effort to retaliate against a competitor. I would recommend looking for a more trustworthy provider.

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    scottc, I highly doubt they blocked routes to retaliate against a competitor. If routes had been blocked it was most likely because of an abuse/dos issue. Though if you have some sort evidence to back that, I'm open to hear it.

    tomthebomb, I've had servers for several years now at Sago. They have been great. Yes there have been ups and downs but that is expected with anyone. They have been constantly making improvements and the last year has been almost solid uptime. Since August of this year they have also beefed up support significantly (something like doubled the number of people).

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    I love Sago. The biggest issue I've had with them was with their billing department, but after I made a complaint regarding a $39 overdraft charge because they charged a credit card I told them not to, they gave my company a free month (which was much more than the $39 I asked for).

    Their tech support has been amazing, simply amazing. After having to deal with half a dozen other datacenters, I recently decided to move all the servers to Sago from them and have just ordered a new server at their new datacenter in Atlanta.

    So, lets go through the list-
    Hardware- good.
    Network- the only issue I've had in the time I've been with them happened last month, when a bulldozer ripped up some fiber lines. They rerouted things and 10 minutes later all was well- to be honest, I slept through the problem, and by the time nagios alerted me to the issue it was solved.
    Tech- see above. Fast, curtious, and actually there. I called another datacenter in new york once, and got some guy in michigan. Another company I called told me that I couldn't talk to the server guys, and had to submit a ticket to their middle man who would submit one to them.
    Billing- sometimes messes up, but they make up for it when they do.

    So, they're nice guys, and the service is great. Having dealt with many others, I can honestly say that I can't describe how much I'd recommend them to everyone no problem.

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    Thanks for the recommendations all. I appreciate the feedback from customers good and bad. When we get the bad feedback, we can hopefully get a chance to make good on all of it.
    Our company is a collection of technicians, sysadmins, and engineers that take their network and it's customers seriously and hope that we can give you the best support possible.

    btw, TreverN was right: we only null for purposes of protecting our network and our customers from abuse and ddos attacks that would affect performance for the rest of our networks customers. Our network is much improving week after week. Contact ( sales @ sagonet ) for more information or chat on our website.
    - Donovan K
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