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    What do you think of surfspeedy Vps

    What do you think of surfspeedy Vps are they good are they fully managed do they do daily backup is the support system good?

    which company do you think is better surfspeedy Or eurovps

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    can u help me?

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    Use the Search feature here. It may be of use to you.
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    Why don't you apply to the support of these hostings and ask them directly about it all?

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    My vps is down on average 6 times a day. I have to continually reboot manually.

    Out of 28 days, I have been down for 4 days. 3 days continually and I even had to phone them from Australia only to be put on hold. They finally responded to a ticket after 3 days down when I told them I was moving and wanted a refund.

    Their answer... Oh, your VPS is running fine. Do you have any other problems we can help you with.

    I REPEAT - DON'T. And yes, I have kept everyone of my support tickets. The trouble is, I don't have a day to waste on putting them up on WHT.

    Would be nice if Surfspeedy was represented here. One might get some answers to their disastrous service and hopeless VPS accounts.


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    pay some extra bucks with other hosting company but don't fall surfspeedy's trap

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