Hello there,

I am another once again lost, in the shopping cart hunt.

To make it simple, I was looking for a non CMS / shopping cart - script, which I wanted to be simple, without many extra features in order to be easily customized.

I looked also for the phpcart.net but it was way too simple (plain file storage).

The problem that came afterwards was that on the most kinda plain shopping carts ie Litecommerce, their design are based on template engines which currently I'm am not aware of.

Taken in mind that I have intermediate knowledge in PHP, CSS, XHTML would it be difficult to redesign the shop using templates? or do you know any simple css shopping cart you might have to suggest...

The time that I have is pretty much limited for the shop, that's why I have not started reading about templates, but if there is not any other case available certainly I will....

Thank you for your time