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    SSL certificate confirmation


    I have bought a domain only SSL certificate from rapidSSL and I have customers saying that they will only feel safe if it doesn't appears a box when costumers first enter into the site.

    Is a problem of bad configuration or of the type of SSL certificate bought ?.

    I am on a linux, cpanel server with centos.

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    Likely bad configuration.

    First of all, the common name (CN) of the certificate must match the domain name exactly. For example, when you bought the cert, if you set the CN =, then user can only access your site through and but not

    Second, make sure you don't reference external sites in your web pages. If you do, then your page is not 100% secure, and it will generate a warning.

    Be sure to read the warning of whatever dialog box is poping up, it will tell you a lot about why your cert failed.

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