Isn't it time to switch to a reliable billing system? MBLicenses.COM is not only a Certified ModernBill reseller, but we lead the pack in installations, configurations, and customizations for Modernbill software.

Tired of fighting with a billing system that is lacking features?
Modernbill's dedicated staff has designed Modernbill v5 from the ground up to allow complete scalability. Modernbill will grow with you and your company, and your setup can be as basic, or as complex as you require.
We make Modernbill work for YOU.

Take advantage of our Modernbill v5 Perpetual license sale today!

What is a Modernbill Perpetual license?
A Modernbill v5 Perpetual license will never expire. It is a one-time fee which includes:
- Modernbill v5 license
- FREE professional installation & basic configuration
- FREE support
- FREE 6 months support and software updates through Modernbill

Can I upgrade my leased Modernbill license to take advantage of this great pricing?
Yes. After your purchase, we will assist you in updating your license key to your new v5 Perpetual license.

ModernBill Pricing
All prices valid from 10/26/06 - 11/10/06

100 Clients - Retail: $179.95 - Promotion: $144.95 Order Now ($35 discount!)
250 Clients - Retail: $279.95 - Promotion: $244.95 Order Now ($35 discount!)
500 Clients - Retail: $379.95 - Promotion: $329.95 Order Now ($50 discount!)
1000 Clients - Retail: $499.95 - Promotion: $399.95 Order Now ($100 discount!)

Licenses over 1000 clients are available at even greater discounts. Contact our sales department for specific information and pricing so that we can discuss your needs personally and professionally.

Configuration Services

We offer configuration of both ModernBill and Kayako products. The configuration services that we offer will allow you to have your ModernBill fully functioning with all of the features in place. Some of our services include:

Automation Setup
Client Area Integration
Order Form Integration
Payment Gateway Setup

For more information on our configuration services, Click Here

Other Information
- ALL Modernbill perpetual license orders are phone verified prior to processing
- Orders can take up to 24 hours for completion
- We accept all major credit cards - Master Card, Visa, AMEX and Discover.
- We accept PAYPAL orders

For more information on any of our products, please visit our website: - or - email our sales department