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    Need Help for Hosting!

    I'm a newbie in forum hosting... thus I need your help for looking for hosts...

    I'm looking for host, which meets these requirements:
    - PHP forum
    - Basic standard Unix.
    - At least, 200MB space
    - At least, 10 gig transfer
    - Prefer- No restrictions on SQL concurrent connections
    - Not more than $15/month

    Currently, I have done some researches on Tera-byte and mehost... however, I still need your advises on those sites. And if you have any other suggests, please tell me.

    Thank you for your help!
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    Tera-byte is good.
    Myacen has better support though.
    I have accounts at both and i'm quite satisfied.
    Oh, btw, we're working on a referral scheme at, so if you ever signup there, just tell Yahoo refered. That would do me BIG favor. Anyway, goodluck.

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    There is a requests forum at WHT. No host can reply to a request here as it's against the rules.
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    i think he is just asking for suggestions from members :d

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