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    monitoring downtimes


    we are having problems monitoring the excat downtimes(if any) of our managed servers. We have a account and While shows everything is fine, we are not able to access the website via http, this is confirmed by a mail from passeler that our site is unreachable.

    At times the site takes a long time to load, we get prompt mails from passeler and other free monitoring services we have signed up with, but when we login into motnitormybox it shows all the services are up...

    so we are quite not clear on what to believe. Can any one clarify why there is a mismatch of reports from free services and and who should we believe in.

    thanx in advance for any replies.
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    Sometimes because of network issuess your website may be accessible from certain locations just fine and not from others. This happens more often than you think. Sometimes is the fault of your network configuration other times the ISP of the specific person trying to access your websites.

    I haven't had any experience with, but for example shows our sites up normally always while sometimes we get reports from customers on other countries asking why their sites are down, when in reality is their ISP.

    However in the case of it seems that their networks are must of the times connected directly to backbones, making it much easier to check if in reality a server is up, but that does not mean the people from those locations the actual users can view the site.

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    I agree with wbpro. We have servers in 2 countries and the monitoring system is setup on one of the country to monitor both. At times, it shows all the services are down on one country which we ended up notice is due to the ISP issue. Accessing to the server via the same country is fine, is just that the monitoring system is not able to access( ping ) to the servers due to ISP network is down or having latency.
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    This also depends on how the connection is setup to run.

    If the connection is setup to run via tcp connection, nothing else, then odds are pretty good that the connection won't show as "down" unless the service itself is stopped or down.

    IF, however, the connection is set to check headers, then odds are pretty good that the connection won't have a problem at all telling if it's unreachable, there is some sort of a problem, or something of the like.
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