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    Problem with Leaseweb

    Hi there..
    I am little bit angry about their support.
    I have a windows server for one year now.
    The apc was never working correctly.
    And now my server is offline again for more than 24 hours now.
    The email answers are telling me nothing.

    Now they tell me:

    The server has a NTLDR error, This means it cant boot because something
    happend with he loader.

    And now?!
    They donīt tell me anything waht will happen now.
    Is this an hardware problem?
    I donīt want to pay anything to them.

    What shall i do now?!

    Thank you

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    If its an NTLDR issue it could be a hardware issue such as the disk dying or a config issue. You will most likely be looking at a server reload at the very least. The APC itself wouldn't fix it though
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    But they are telling me nothing
    I dind´t changed my config though..
    I hope they can backup the data!

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    Do they provide paid backup?

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    no.. i think not

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    Did you have any RAID solutions on your server?

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    all is gone.. i have to pay 99€ für os reinstall

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    Why do you have to do it?

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    Because they told me that it´s an software problem

    so.. What can i say
    the tried to fix it, but they are not able to..

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