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    Yahoo-Like Storefronts

    Hi all,

    I already have my website up and going- I use Zencart for my cart, CDGCommerce for my merchant, and for my gateway. I have no complaints with my providers, all are wonderful. However, I am looking into transferring my store to an "all-in-one provider", mainly for simplicity and my own peace of mind. I am a college student and my online store is basically my part time job. Being a full time student is hard enough in itself! So, I think that transferring to a host that provides me with everything that I need to run a store in one control panel would decrease my stress level a bit.

    My question is:

    Has anyone had any experience with the Yahoo Merchant Solution? Any comments? How easy/difficult is it to customize the look of the store?

    Also, are there any other shopping cart/hosting solutions similar to that of Yahoo? I really like the fact that with a monthly fee, you get a storefront, hosting, and a payment processer in one.

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you know and understand HTML code, you might have a problem with it. When I first started out, I was using them but then I started getting a little savvy with code and found out that it was somewhat limited. I read that they had a 30-day trial somewhere, you might see if that is still available and try them out.

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    I haven't had personal experience with Yahoo, but my customers have. The reason they move is because Yahoo can become very expensive.

    Not sure if they still do but they charge you for the hosting, number of products you have an on top a very high percentage for transactions.

    If you think about it, and your merchant account should not take any time away from you, they work by theirselfs, collect the money and deposit into your account, they will discount the fees and that's it, basically the same as Yahoo.

    And if you search around is possible o get for $5 per month with a discount rate of 2.2% hosting can be around $16 a month and you can have a more powerful card like zencart or osCommerce for very less.
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